Public Institutions & Local Governments

Water Audit Requirement

SECTION 48 52 910 of the South Carolina Code of Laws requires state agencies to have energy and water audits conducted by either internal or external auditors. The legislation reads as follows:

(A) Each agency must consider reductions of its energy, water, and wastewater use, and must implement recommended conservation measures to the degree the agency determines that the measures are cost effective. An audit must be performed by internal or external auditors, or by an energy services company in the manner provided in Section 48 52 670. Audit results and recommendations must be included in the report to the State Energy Office.

(B) Each agency must comply with this section by July 1, 2011.

Reporting Requirements

To track compliance, a section will be added to the Annual Progress Report (the energy use report that is already required in September annually) requesting the following information:

  • Date on which a water audit has been conducted of your facility(ies), either by internal or external auditors.
  • Significant findings and recommendations resulting from the water audit.
  • Any water conservation measures implemented.
  • Any water conservation measures that you plan to implement.

Compliance Assistance

If an agency has had an energy performance contract or an energy assessment, water conservation has likely been addressed. If not, we are providing this Water Conservation Self-Audit Checklist as a guide. This checklist has been adapted with permission from the Southwest Florida Management District to assist those wishing to conduct a self-audit in order to comply with this legislative requirement.