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Date Posted: January 6, 2011

Energy can be draining to a work place

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - If you think about your workplace, you mostly likely have computers, printers, and lights all around. All those things can really drain a company's budget.

Inside Group Therapy Bar in Five Points, Owner Scott Fleming has an open tab of his own. It's for the amount he pours out on energy bills. "Compared to a household, it's ridiculous," expressed Fleming, "I could power a few of them."

That's why Fleming invited the South Carolina Energy Office into his business to do a free energy assessment. John Stickney is an engineer who does a quick walk through and makes suggestions on how to lower costs. He takes into account the type of business and its operations.

From windows and doors to walls and coolers, the tips range in size and scope of improvement. "It opened my eyes to a little more than you normally do," claimed Fleming.

He is one of nearly 80 businesses, non-profits, schools or churches that have an energy audit in progress or completed.

Others include the Columbia Metro Airport and Vorhees College. That's according to Energy Office Director, Ashlie Lancaster. "If we can target different kinds of businesses, we can have an impact statewide," said Lancaster.

She says energy improvements provide jobs and save business owners' money that they can re-invest into the company. "It's not just about energy but about economics," stated Lancaster.

It's offering straight up savings for Fleming. "I see this as another expense to lessen," he said, "If I can do that over the long term, then it has a payback, gain and return."

The suggestions from the walk through are put into a report and later presented to the business owner. There's no obligation to do what the report suggests.

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