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Date Posted: May 24, 2013

A Burst of Energy

Santee Cooper uses unique sources for producing renewable power

Among the methods that Santee Cooper uses for generating power, there is one that would be particularly considered a win-win by company officials.

The state-owned electric and water utility company, South Carolina’s largest power producer, has been using methane gas from landfills for an energy source since 2001. Santee Cooper now has six facilities across the state using gases emitted from landfill sites to produce electricity.

“Methane gas, of course, is a very potent and harmful greenhouse gas,” says Mollie Gore, public relations director for Santee Cooper, “and by pulling it out of the atmosphere and using it to generate electricity, it’s a double win.

“You’re removing something harmful for the environment and you’re able to recycle it as a fuel source for electricity.”

Landfill gas is one of several renewable energy resources Santee Cooper has been using for the past 12 years. It’s the state’s leader in generating electricity from renewable methods, with 151 megawatts already online or under contract.

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