Funding & Incentives

Energy Efficiency Revolving Loan

The Energy Efficiency Revolving Loan (EERL) program was established through the US Department of Energy/ Energy Office using “stimulus” funding and is limited to funding available at the time the loan application is filed. It is administered by the Business Development Corporation (BDC). The purpose of the loan fund is to enable business and industry to save money by saving energy. The fund is also open to other entities including utilities and government agencies. 
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Answers to commonly asked questions are listed below.

How long is the term of the loan?

Loans should not extend beyond one and one-half times the expected payback of the loan. In other words, if your planned activity is expected to pay for itself in 4 years, your loan would be for no more than 6 years. Loan periods can be shorter. The maximum term is 10 years.