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Energy Lesson Plans

Energy Office Lesson Plans

The Energy Office has developed ten free energy lesson plans specifically for South Carolina teachers to use. These lessons align with the 2021 South Carolina Science Standards and indicate the grade level covered by the standard. Lesson topics include renewables, energy conservation, green buildings, energy sources, and transportation. Lessons that align with the 2014 South Carolina Science Standards are available via the link at the bottom of this page.

Elementary and Middle School

High School

These energy lessons are made possible through the US Department of Energy’s State Energy Program and developed by Greenleaf Education.

Thank you to the following teachers for piloting and providing feedback on the energy lessons during development. 
  • Deanna Taylor, Richland School District Two
  • Alexis Del Castillo, Ocean Bay Middle School
  • Alayne Lawson, River Ridge Academy
  • Amy Umberger, Dutch Fork Elementary School
  • Sarah Ostegaard, FIVE Virtual Academy

National Energy Education Development (NEED) Project
The National Energy Education Development (NEED) Project began over 30 years ago. NEED offers a curriculum portfolio of over 130 guides for teachers and students, most tied to specific state and national standards. The curriculum material is offered free of charge to classroom teachers and may be available to others for use by permission from NEED. Visit NEED’s website to learn more about NEED instructional materials related to the science of energy, energy efficiency and conservation, electricity, renewable and nonrenewable sources of energy, and transportation. 
If you are a classroom teacher interested in a particular curriculum, see NEED’s Curriculum Resources. Materials can be sorted by grade level, topic, or subject, and are in most cases linked to national and state standards.