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Energy Education Resource Hub

The Energy Office provides a wide range of energy materials for teachers, parents, and students in South Carolina. The Energy Office offers everything from ideas for science experiments to fun games and icebreakers! To open the publications, click on the links below:

The Energy Factbook
Covers energy production, distribution and consumption in South Carolina, and is targeted to middle and high school students. The Factbook was named “One of the Ten Most Notable Publications” by the South Carolina State Library system.

Energy Fact Sheets
Provides a general overview, key facts, and terms on 11 different energy sources. The Fact Sheets were written for students in Grades 5 and 6.

The Best of the Science Fair Project Guidebooks: A Resource for Students and Parents
Includes two new energy lessons, as well as lessons in air quality, ocean and coastal resources, waste reduction and recycling and water. 

Energy Activity Book
Produced for pre-kindergarten through third grade students. This fun book uses coloring pages, word jumbles, and other simple games to teach students about energy.

Energy Games & Icebreakers Book
Provides quick games and activities to introduce and reinforce energy concepts and information to fourth through eighth grade students. These games will energize students to learn about energy. The games can be used in the classroom to teach younger students about energy or to showcase energy issues to parents and siblings at PTO, Family Night, or Science Fair/Club meetings. 

Additional Resources: