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Green Apple Day of Service 2017

The Green Apple Day of Service gives parents, teachers, students, companies, and local organizations the opportunity to transform schools into healthy, safe, and productive learning environments through local service projects. This event is state-wide and is the perfect opportunity for schools to be proactive in making progress toward sustainability goals! This is a wonderful opportunity for schools to come together with local businesses and organizations to promote energy efficient, sustainable, and healthier schools.
·         Project activity falls outside of normal student/teacher responsibilities, and fulfills an unmet environmental need
·         Takes place between August 2017 and May 2018 (must sign up on website in September and October)
·         Involves volunteers, students, teachers, and administrators (recruited by school)
·         Lasts at least two hours
·         Application is submitted by a teacher, administrator, or student over the age of 18, and receives head of school approval
·         Co-plans the event with a mentor (if applicable)
·         Recruits volunteers, students, teachers, and administrators
·         Secures funding/materials to cover event costs (if any) thru Business Partners, PTA, donations, etc.
We hope you will partner with a school for this wonderful day of service, grounded in the belief that more sustainable schools promote a healthier learning environment for students and faculty alike! Visit the Green Apple Day of Service website for more information.
Potential Partner Organizations/Volunteers
·         Take Action SC
·         SC Green Steps Schools
·         Industrial Facilities
·         Architects
·         Boy Scouts/Girl Scouts
·         Fraternities/Sororities
·         4H
Green Apple Day of Service Energy Project Ideas
·         Install “no-idle” signs in the carpool lane
·         Conduct a lighting audit (change to better light bulbs, turn off more lights, etc.)
·         Create signage to tell kids to turn off lights, recycle, etc.
·         Have an open house and guided tour with architect, school administration, and sustainability coordinator of a green school, solar installation, etc.
·         Do a water audit (use aerators, different faucet fixtures, etc.)
·         Install motion sensor lights
·         Insulate and weather-strip rooms
·         Make a video of what the school is doing to save energy
·         Borrow the Energy Office’s infrared camera/temperature measurement devices and Kill-A-Watt Meters to learn about energy use at the school. Contact Conn Fraser for more information.
Conn Fraser
Energy Specialist
For more information and project ideas, visit MyGreenApple.org