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Public Institutions Measuring Energy Use Annual Reporting Due

A crucial step in any attempt to manage energy use and minimize energy cost is to obtain accurate measures of past and present energy use and expenditures. Once the data is collected energy management plans and goals can be developed. Research has shown measuring and reporting energy consumption and costs increases conservation awareness and leads to performance improvements with little to no cost.
State-owned and leased building owners, including public school districts are required by the SC Code (§48-52-610 through 680 and §48-52-910) to submit annual reports describing efforts to reduce energy consumption in the past fiscal year.
Please see the file (“2017 Annual Progress Report Form”) for detailed instructions explaining how to comply with this requirement. Completion of Section II requires the submission of energy consumption data, as described in the attached file.  You may use the attached reporting tool or the format you normally use to track your energy use.
Please complete and send this report no later than September 15, 2017.  Questions? Contact Julia Parris by email or call 803-737-9825.