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State Energy Plan: Current Activities

The Office of Regulatory Staff – Energy Office (Energy Office) has begun the next phase of work on its comprehensive State Energy Plan. Energy Office staff first began this process in late 2015 with the development of a Steering Committee to lead its efforts. Agency staff and over 130 professionals representing more than 60 organizations spent the next year developing the Energy Plan which consists of a baseline assessment of how energy is generated and used in the State as well as a set of policy recommendations. Several public engagement sessions were held throughout the State in the summer of 2016 to seek the input of interested parties. In addition, three surveys were also developed and distributed to the public and energy experts to receive their feedback on what should be included in the Energy Plan. In April 2017, the Energy Office received the Public Utility Review Committee’s support to continue into Phase III (Implementation) of the Energy Plan.

Energy Office staff have now begun the process to put “Energy in Action” as it convenes study committees to look for ways to address eight top-tier policy recommendations. A calendar of events, and other Phase III documents can be accessed on the Energy Office website here: ENERGY.SC.GOV/EnergyPlan