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Educating South Carolina’s Energy Sector: Jim Herritage

Jim Herritage has been an integral part of South Carolina’s energy sector. He created the Accredited Commercial Energy Manager (ACEM) course and taught his last class in January.
Jim is originally from Jacksonville, NC, near North Carolina’s coast. He received his BA in English from The Citadel in 1972. You may wonder how someone who majored in English wound up in the energy sector. Jim’s first job out of college was in real estate. During this time he learned a lot about business and caught the teaching bug. He enjoys the excitement of seeing the lights come on when someone understands a new concept. While in real estate, Jim took a Department of Energy course entitled Residential Energy Efficiency for Realtors and fell in love with the field of energy. After this experience, he started teaching energy workshops for realtors. During one of these classes, he was asked to attend a Residential Conservation Service course to become certified as an energy auditor. This was Jim’s first professional certification. This was also when he decided to make a career in energy.
Energy Auditors, Inc.
With financial support from his family, Jim founded Energy Auditors, Inc. in 1981 and began doing residential energy audits in downtown Charleston. Within two years he transitioned to commercial energy auditing and also started teaching courses for utilities. In addition to teaching, Jim served as the Corporate Consulting Energy Manager for Piggly Wiggly Carolina, Inc. for more than 25 years. He is currently the Corporate Consulting Energy Manager for W. Lee Flowers Company, Inc. (IGA) and Detyens Shipyards, Inc.
ACEM Course
Jim has developed and taught the ACEM curriculum for the Energy Office /Association of South Carolina Energy Managers for several years with input from the Energy Office and energy managers throughout the state. This course has helped educate almost 300 energy managers in South Carolina and helped generate a competent energy workforce. With a 75 to 80 percent pass rate, the course strikes a balance between being simply educational and appropriately rigorous.  This course has been taken by public sector energy managers as well as engineers, utility employees, and those from private businesses. Jim prides himself on being able to explain technical concepts in a manner that public sector energy managers can understand and appreciate. In the words of Albert Einstein, “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.”
“The one constant and thing I’ve grown to admire the most about him through the years is his insatiable thirst to understand the underlying physics of problems he encounters while serving his clients.”
Tom Trout
Key Accounts Manager
Palmetto Electric Cooperative, Inc.
Never Quit Learning
When asked if there is one thing he would like for people to know about being an energy manager, he quoted his Granddaddy Herritage who always said, “Never quit learning.”  A new technology or concept is always out there for you to master by attending courses and educating yourself.
Jim has been a great asset to the energy sector in South Carolina and we are grateful for his knowledge and service. He responds in kind by saying, “Without the help and inspiration of the Energy Office and many, many energy professionals, I doubt very much of my energy career would have even happened.” Thank you Jim for all your service!
Congratulations to the Winter 2017 ACEM Graduates
Amanda Steen Welch, TAG – SC Military Department
Brian Kauer, Clemson University
Jason Bunch, Berkeley School District
Joe Deshon, Clemson University
Justin Shutt, Schneider-Electric
Marionette Denise Tindell-Ware, SCE&G
Mark Campbell, Roche Carolina Inc.
Matthew Holbrooks, Clemson University
Parks Moss, SCE&G
Radu Moldovan, USC-Columbia
Tim Yarborough, Aiken County Public Schools
Wayne Powell, Florence School District 5